A handmade gift


Crafting and and christmas come hand in hand. The promise of a handmade gift is a treasure to be hold. To receive a handmade gift, a gift that someone has put hours of time, patience and skill into is second to none, to know that they have thought so highly of you that they took the time to plan, prepare and present a handmade personal gift to you is a found treasure. As from the artists or artisans point of view to see the joyous face on a person having just unwrapped a gift made especially for them is the best thanks that any of us can receive


The final few months before Christmas when the dark nights start to creep in, many of us artisans and artists can be found beavering away in the cosy indoors preprint the biggest event of the year. For many of  us it is the culmination of a year long planning and work comes together and fruition. There will be many a very late night, many cups of coffee drank and indeed possibly even many snacks eaten in the process but in the end it  is more than worth it when that final gift is presented given to it’s new owner


Indeed many would say why bother going to all the effort, but when you give a handmade gift or card you are not only giving someone you love or care about a gift you are giving them something more personal and giving them part of yourself. After all Christmas is the season for family and giving.


please support your local artists and artisans this Christmas x

About Heather Gibson

I was brought up in a small village in the rural Scottish Borders and I'm a self taught artist working mainly in watercolours and oils. My interests include needlework, and all other forms with craft work. Connect with Heather on Google+