Needlework, like painting, music, and photography not only allows the artist creating it the opportunity to create and make people happy but it also allows you to depict a period in time for future generations.

A few years ago I was given the patchwork quilt by friends who asked me to look into the history of it. Knowing that I love a challenge and my fondness for needlework I notably grabbed the opportunity. On investigation I discovered that the quilt dates back to the 1800’s and was made in Yorkshire by a young girl at school. On closer investigation of the material used it is obvious that the girl has used old ladies dress silks to make it, recycling is not a new new concept, and the intricacy and accurate ness of the stitches is quite outstanding especially when you consider that it would be sewn by candlelight without all the daylight lamps/gadgets and gizmos that we have today. When looking at the back of the quilt you notice that the papers she has used is indeed old accounts ledgers of the time which make truly fascinating reading and a very special insight into daily life at he time. Since I have had the quilt valued which really is not important when you look at the legacy that this girl has left to play her part in Social History.

As artists we forget that with every stitch, every brush stroke, every click of the camera or every song we are leaving a part of us behind for future generations to look back on, behind every image and every song there is a story to be told. I understand that in the hustle and bustle of fast paced 21st century life we overlook these things, but it is extremely important not only for us to look back on past works to understand the life of our forebears but to remember that we are now leaving the same for future generations

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About Heather Gibson

I was brought up in a small village in the rural Scottish Borders and I'm a self taught artist working mainly in watercolours and oils. My interests include needlework, and all other forms with craft work. Connect with Heather on Google+