As an artist you know how important it is to get your work out in the media as much as possible to gain recognition and develop followers and hopefully future customers of your work. I was delighted to be contacted by Tiffany from saying that she wanted to me and my work.

The Interview

Lisa sent  the questions she wanted to ask me for the interview via email. They included which artists inspired me, a little about my background and other interests that I have . I was delighted to answer her questions  and to provided her with ten photographs of my work . Lisa was lovely to work with and guided me through the whole process and was exceptionally good when it came to informing me when my interview was going live

The Outcome

It has been lovely to receive everyone’s positive comments and encouragement after my interview and I would very much like to do more interviews in the future . I would very much like my work to be recognised by more of the popular artists magazines such as Leisure Painter and art and illustrators as well as the popular crafting magazines. I very much enjoy the process of giving interviews and also demonstrating at shows, as it is great to be able to pass on knowledge and skills to others and encourage them. In the future I would also like to write some crafting and painting books to hopefully reach wider audiences

Here is a link to my interview:

I do hope you enjoy it

About Heather Gibson

I was brought up in a small village in the rural Scottish Borders and I'm a self taught artist working mainly in watercolours and oils. My interests include needlework, and all other forms with craft work. Connect with Heather on Google+